What Our Pole Classes Offer

Pole Dance Fitness Classes

Each class begins with a signature series of dance-fitness warm-up repositions. Developed to train the core, stretch the limbs, and strengthen the upper and lower body. Afterwards, you will be taught choreographed dance routine that includes a selection of pole tricks. Class ends with a performance of new dance moves.

Pole Parties

All parties are customized to the theme of your choice. (i.e. music, décor, dance style, & more)

Let me know how I may help make your special occasion, one to remember! 

What Is Your Goal?

Pole Dance Fitness Classes Near West Midtown, Georgia

Body Shaping

With constant pole practice, we’ve seen trainees lose up to 60 pounds — and occasionally more – in as little as six to eight months. When you’re having fun and enjoying yourself on a regular basis, it’s easy to lose weight.

Pole Dance Fitness Body Toning Near Blandtown, Georgia

Body Toning

You’ll be having too much fun to realize what a wonderful cardio workout you’re getting! Spin after spin, climb after climb, and trick after trick – you’ll be having too much fun to realize what a great cardio workout you’re getting!

Pole Dance Fitness Strengthening Near Alpharetta, GA


In Jazzy Moves Pole Dancing Classes Atlanta, you will learn how to improve your balance and coordination. With time you will master the art of lifting your entire body.

Regular exercise is the key to develop and tone your muscles.

Pole Tricks Near Avalon, Georgia

Pole Tricks

You will master new spins and choreography, as well as begin practicing basic inversions including laybacks, butterfly’s, and more advanced pole sits. You’ll also learn the foundations of spinning pole, including how to spin with control and fluidity while also building strength.

Pole Dance Fitness Flexibility Near Woodstock, GA


Try pole if you’re having trouble touching your toes or simply enjoying fundamental yoga positions. The natural growth of flexibility over time strengthens the motions, stretches, and maneuvers learned to execute routines.

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